Open Marketplace Development Update (10-09-2019)


Open Marketplace Progress Update

The Particl team is in the final stage of testing two new marketplace features: Product Imports and Questions and Answers. These two features will be included in the next testnet build of the Particl Open Marketplace, which should be available in a couple of days. The current target to release the testnet build is mid to end of this week.

Products Imports
This feature allows you to import products and inventories from outside sources. Its first version will allow the importation of products from WooCommerce stores as well as from .csv (spreadsheet) files. This tool is designed to make it easier for sellers who are already selling online and those with large inventories to import and list their products more quickly. As all listings used to need to be added manually, one by one, this feature is going to save sellers a ton of time. Screenshot:*nV8MXWfbGAStemdjRDT_EQ.jpeg

Questions and Answers
This feature allows anyone to ask questions on a listed item. The questions can be answered by anyone else as well as the seller of the item. When a seller replies to a question, it is marked with a special designation so that it is obvious that it is the seller’s answer to the question. The feature isn’t unlike Amazon’s very popular Q&A section on each listed item’s page. Screenshot:

User Interface Improvements
Additionally, Particl Desktop is going to get some user interface improvements based on user feedback. This is an ongoing and perpetual area of focus for the Particl team. You can expect most new release cycles to include a bunch of user interface improvements and tweaks. Screenshot:*ZdZYzwxy3xJGIyMnGSbIwQ.png