Open letter to the Particl team


hi everyone.

first I have to say that my english is not perfect at all.
I’m french and as a good french guy, I just talk french :frowning: , so be lienent with me please :grin:

after a cool conversation today with Katelady on Discord, I’ve decided to write a post to make some suggests to the team.
I have to say that I’m not there to troll anyone or anything and that all I gonna say is just an external point of view.
external point of views can sometimes adjust your trajectory, right? so here we go.

the global visibility :
first I have to say here that Particl probably got one of the coolest and more trustable “communications & marketing guy” in the crypto space : Paul.
Paul is active on Twitter, Telegram & Discord and he inspires investors with his sincerity and accuracy.

unfortunately, there is still a lack of visibility with the Particl project.
I personnally discovered the project in january (whitepaper, YouTube videos, social medias (thanks to @B3N), etc.) cause I remembered a 1 year ago YT video where the guy was talkin’ about Particl.
so as I was looking for some projects to invest my little € bag, I decided to take a closely look on Particl.

of course, the relative discretion of the Particl project & team makes things, members and discussions more qualitative.
but would be nice to keep this quality while increasing the visibility of the Particl project.
3 points to explore ?:
a) YouTubers (to find and to contact a mid or a big american YTuber who already talked about Particl, for an interview, would be great, for free ofc!).
b) a Twitter lottery or giveaway (lottery are ok if there is an event (launching event), giveaway look bad)
c) a Twitter competition giveaway (a trading competition or idk what else could be interesting).
d) sorry, I don’t wanna be a “when binance?” boy, but a listing on a bigger exchange would also help a lot.

the focus on the marketplace
in your promoting of your decentralized marketplace, do not forget to let people (new and/or not aware ones) know that the Particl project is a privacy (cold) staking coin.
by exemple, the main webpage of the website directly shows the marketplace, that is not good (for me).
If I was new, I would probably say to me “oh shit, it’s like storiqa etc., ok bye!”.
do not forget that people do not have time in 2019.
also a title like “privacy cold staking coin built from the Bitcoin core codebase” (your best arg’) all above and before everyelse is absolutely essential (why not this title on the Twitter bio also? The bio has to be simpler).
especially because people are more and more interested about privacy coins and staking.

that’s all I have to say for the moment.
I hope you will consider what I said :wink:
thanks for reading


First of all, thanks for bringing this to forum (that’s the right place for it)!

We’re currently working on a lot of the points you mentioned. The site itself is being updated as we speak – e.g. that Marketplace on the homepage is one of the things (funny enough it got published just a few hours ago).

Visibility is always a problem. That’s something each and every one of the community members can help out with. That being said, there’s already a bigger marketing push in motion, so we should all see some results quite soon.

Thanks for your notes!


Hello nk_v_Last,

Thanks for sharing your input and start an open debate on this platform.

Your vieuws on gloabl visibility is something I share and agree on.
Point A is something difficult to achieve, because you need someone to be onboard to promote the team and project without being acussed a “Shill”, and on the other hand you dont want to pay those people because team is operating under strickt buget and oversight by the swiss foundation.

Point B and C is something that the Particl has done in the past and was fun to see some of the interaction and they will continue to do so in the future.

Point D is something they continously work on, and I agree from a security standpoint its essential Part should be listed on more reputable exchanges, but I am not nesseraly sharing your point to only look out for a “Binanc3” listing from a visibility standpoint.

One example I like to bring up is the binanc3 listing of the Decred project, I am not sure if you necessarily know that project but it is a bonefied and one of the most reputable in the space, they have solid developing, ethics, transparancy, low coin supply… you name it! The same characteristics found in Particl Project.

This is a screenshot from a chart of DCR (24/10/2018) Biananc3 listing, If you mean or associate “visibility” with “pumps” I cannot agree with that.
This is my personal opinion and I have NO intention to hyjack your thread, just something I would like to share.

The community went a lot of back and forth with the team on how the project should promote itself and it seems like there is no real concensus! The only metric that I would use is listening and reading new peoples reaction on how they found Particl and what questions they might have… Because projecting yourself as something popular now, doesnt necessarily be the flavour of the month in 8-10 weeks. Most of ous have seen it all.

I hope you find my words helpfull and not to overly critic because I share most of your points and hope to see you around more ofter and welcome you to the community :wink::v:



you know, I’m glad to see that Particl has ethics.
and some other good projects (like NapoleonX by exemple, another one that I follow) are also in this seriousness and in this philosophy, so it’s definetely fine.

when I’m talking about some other exchanges, bigger ones than Bittrex I mean, i’m not especially talkin’ about Binance/Binance Dex.
it could be Nash (aka Neonexchange) by exemple.
(for all I know, the team is actually talkin’ with Binance/Binance Dex & Coinbase.) so who knows.
but I totally understand that listings are complicate (price, contracts, asymetric risks (delisting and financial ones) etc.).
be sure I’m not looking for any pump lol.
just wanna try to increase the visibility.

also, the point about the Twitter bio’ (of the Particl account) or the (Particl) website mainpage missing title, which should be simpler and which should focus more about the fact that PART is a privacy coin built from the Bitcoin core codebase, is very important.