Meme Contest Submissions



The voting period is now over!

The voting period for the meme contest is now over! There were a lot of funny and creative submissions, but it had to be narrowed down by the community to a top 3.

Voting Process

  • Votes were counted as equal, meaning every vote has the same voting power (not a weighted count).
  • The list above also contained a few duplicates (i.e. one submission, but with 2 numbers) which were taken into account when tallying votes in order not to penalize the meme creators that had their submissions mistakenly duplicated.
  • One account’s vote has been ignored on suspicion of vote rigging
  • There is a tie at second place, both winners will split the 2nd and 3rd place PART reward

The Winners

1st (7 votes): @joselitommutuc (Meme #77)
2nd (5 votes): @chiliua (Meme #14 & Meme #22/83) & Tanktop (Telegram) (Meme #120)

Thanks to the 19 people who have voiced their opinions and cast their vote as well as everybody who’s participated to the contest by submitting one of the ~160 memes we’ve received.

1st Place:

2nd Place:
2nd Place:
2nd Place:


Congrats to the winners!


Congratulations to all the winners…:confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada:


I am new here is this contest still running?


It has unfortunately ended, but we do have a slogan contest going on at the moment :slight_smile: