Marketplace promotion


Hello Particl team,

Are there any promoting plans scheduled for the new Marketplace, any meetups/conferences planned in the near future?



Yes, we are looking into a couple of conferences right now in specifically targeted areas where we believe a marketplace like Particl’s could go big. We’re also looking into on-boarding strategies for vendors into the platform and have a couple of surprises in the works that we cannot yet disclose as they are not fully ready :slight_smile:

Also, with a marketplace live on mainnet, it will be much easier for everyone to promote this thing without sounding like ICOs promoting whitepapers. If anyone has a great initiative or idea they want to see put forth, the team is totally open to it.

Oh and, with the proposal system coming live on mainnet at the same time as the marketplace, the community will now be able to vote on community proposals and use some of the funds that are sitting in the Community Fund :slight_smile: