How to contribute? Help the Project forward!



Particl is a community project and we’re still searching for capable members, who are willing to lend a hand to push this project forward!


Contact anyone from our team to get in touch or if you feel like it, grab an issue from our Github and work on it right away!


Spread the word by writing articles related to Particl, posts on social networks, YouTube or whatever fits you the best. Always remember that we value quality over quantity and that spamming hurts the project more than it helps.

Crypto veterans & educators

Spreading promos is one thing, but educating users how to use your product is another. Are you in the space long enough that your friends come to you for advices? You might be the right person to write a couple tutorials/howtos for others!

  • Wiki is great way to start
  • Video tutorials on YouTube are always handy as well


Particl is aiming for inclusion and that goes all the way. Are you fluent in other language(s) than English and want to help? Visit our Transifex project page and help us translating our website (translations for Particl Desktop will come in the future).

  • Transifex’s Particl page
  • Wiki articles would like to be multilingual as well


Anybody can test, isn’t that beautiful? We need all the testers we can get as there are so many hardware/software combinations that we can’t possibly cover all of them. Having some prior experience with testing is nice but not necessary - after all, we’re building a product for everybody, not just geeks!

Join our #testing chat rooms, get latest builds of Particl and try to break anything you can get your hands on (don’t worry, it’s all happening on testnet - you won’t lose any money if something goes wrong):

Found another way how to help out? Reply to this post and I’ll update it :wink:


How can we contribute?


Isn’t the post clear enough?

What are your skills? There’s something for everybody.


Do you guy’s still have some articles or something that you want to translate to Dutch? I saw you guys already found some Dutch-translators but maybe i can help a hand. What actions can we take to properly coordinate any marketing campagins on socialmedia platforms. One of the main issues with partaker was that a lot of articles where double posted and where considered spam. How should we coordinate these actions? For example are we allowed to post articles in the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit or not?


Yes, we are allowed. I’ve had a discussion with their mods and they told me the issue is when we share links in chatrooms or forums, which is what they consider brigading/shilling. That’s their policy, which we must abide too. Seems like promotion on Reddit, /r/cryptocurrency specifically, is a lone wolf task (as in…we can’t coordinate as per their policy).

As for translation of the website, we are currently revising and changing some of the text on it. We won’t be asking translators to work on the website yet as the text may end up changing not long after and would be a waste of time and effort. We’ll let everybody know when we are ready to have it translated :slight_smile:


Thank you Cryptoguard for clearing this up :slight_smile: