Help Us Win the REM Awards!


Hey everybody,

Particl needs your help! We’ve applied to a remittance tech competition and believe we stand a pretty good chance to win it in front of a panel of judges.

The panel of judges is, however, only the second step to determine the winning project.

The first step is a popular vote. That is why we need your help in getting as many votes as possible so that we can qualify to move on to the next round and be judged by a panel of experts in the remittance industry.

We’ve been recommended to participate to this competition at Consensus by someone that is well connected and working right in this industry.

The winning project will get a free invitation to present the project at the IMTC EMEA 2019 conference in London, a global conference uniting some of the key people in the remittance industry.

So let’s get voting so that we can show Particl in front of more eyes! :ballot_box:

Vote here:

More information about IMTC and the REM Awards:


Just a reminder that you can vote once a day, so keep coming back :wink:


did we win? :slight_smile:


AFAIK no, I think we ended up 2nd


Particl has received a popular mention award at the RemTECH Awards and the judges have invited the project to present its decentralized MAD escrow system at the IMTC EMEA 2019 conference in London.

Follow the link below to get all of the details.