From security to Utility token


Hello Ladies and Gents from the Particl Crew,

Earlier today we were discussing some topics in the trading channels, and one I was particularly interested in was, how a project or token that could be deemed as a security transform itself to a utility token.

From what I understand is, once the project launches the OpenMarketPlace the underlying token could be classified as a “Utility” token. How does that generally work from an exchange standpoint in connection with the Particl team/foundation.
Would the foundation or team send out for a new listing applications to all US-customer based exchanges with proof and documentation, and those exchanges request a confirmation by some government entity or other framework for clearance? For the sake of the argument lets use Bittrex or Binance as an example who are removing “potential security” tokens for US-based customers.

I would love to hear what you guys think and share some light on this matter!

Muchas Gracias