Contest votings


Most people who vote in these contests are the ones who are in it themselves and vote for their own. ( guilty as charged :sweat_smile: ) i’ve seen this in previous contests.

They also ask a few they know in the community to vote for their submissions, to me this seems unfair.

Since the community is still relatively small and most people in the community just like to hodl their $PART and don’t really care about contests votings. I thought it would be best to give the Particl team more input in these contests until the community is big enough for votes to be more real.

Thoughts ?

Particl Slogan Contest

Agreed, especially with the small number of voters. This was discussed in our #general chatroom as well and the idea of having the team having more input in contest results didn’t really meet any opposition, so it makes sense to have our current slogan contest adopt this new approach!