[CLAIMED] Particl @ BTCPayServer



The problem

As far as I know, there’s no option how to accept PART online in stores, which is a big issue. Moreover if Particl revolves all around ecommerce. There are various 3rd-party processors, none of them accept PART.

About BTCPay

BTCPayServer is an open source payment processor for Bitcoin (and altcoins).

BTCPay Server is a free, self-hosted and fully open-source cryptocurrency payment processor designed with security, privacy and censorship-resistance at its core.

BTCPay would be a nice solution (I’m open to discussion/suggestions if anyone thinks different), as it is self-hosted and therefore maintains owner’s privacy, has 0% fees (no 3rd-party provider to pay) and is GDPR-compliant (doesn’t collect users’ data and everything is happening peer-to-peer, wallet-to-wallet).

Check the official site for all the features.

Bounty info

I’m offering 75 PART to whoever develops integration with Particl (which results in anyone being able to run their own BTCPayServer running with Particl)

More info

  • Anyone is more than welcome to support this bounty by sending some PARTs to the bounty address
  • This bounty is managed by me - if you don’t trust me, don’t send any money to it

Edit – In case you have any questions, feel free to post here. It would be also a good idea to announce, when you start working on this Bounty, so we don’t have 5 devs working on the same thing. Links to PRs welcome as well!


Hey guys,
I started having a look at this in my evenings. So far NBXplorer connects & handshakes to particld to do the chain sync. But errors while syncing the chain. You can see my work here so far

NBitcoin (GitHub)
NBXplorer (GitHub)



Initial implementation hosted here for now https://www.spazzymoto.co.za/
There is still a bug on the invoice amounts but seems to work pretty smoothly.


Move to http://btcpay-testnet.spazzymoto.co.za


This is awesome :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have imagined that it would be this fast!
Also good news for you, as somebody raised the bounty 2 weeks ago by another 55 PARTs!

How far would you say you are? How much is still missing?
/me curious


Hey man,

I would say 99.999% haha i just need to trace the invoice amount bug and i will start opening pull requests. I will see if i can tackle it this week.


Hey man,
I got that bug on the invoice sorted. Please test again at http://btcpay-testnet.spazzymoto.co.za/ and let me know if you find anything else.



I will try with the test shop I set up, hopefully tomorrow/soon-ish.
Great job man, thanks so much for this! :slight_smile:


Hey @spazzymoto, so I went to test it (sorry for delay) and reconfigured my testing shop with the updated BTCPayServer you posted.

Bad news

When I’m trying to pair my shop with your server via http url (which is the default currently), the pairing process errors out with an empty dialog.

I also tried using https url to your server, where it pairs, but the checkout fails with generic error:

Error processing checkout. Please try again.

When accessing the server web admin via https, it complains about not being set up properly, so that might be the issue there.

Whenever you have time, could you look into it, so we could pin point the problem?

Good news

In the meantime, I think it’s fair to say that you successfully claimed this bounty, so feel free to send your address (private/public, your call) and I will send you the reward! Well, in case you’ll stay motivated to wrap this up :slight_smile:


For anybody interested, @spazzymoto managed to solve the issue!

I’ve set up a testing shop running on Wordpress/WooCommerce on shop.particl.cz, so anybody can test the payment server out!

Note that this is all running on testnet, so if you want to pay, you’ll need some testnet coins (grab them on a faucet here. Regarding testnet wallets, you can either run Particl Desktop/Core with -testnet flag or grab one of the Market dev releases on Github.

Happy spending! :slight_smile:

@spazzymoto so what about that address of yours for claiming the bounty, hmm? :]


Hey guys,
I’ve created all the packages and docker images for you guys to run your own nodes if you wish.



To generate the docker-compose.yml

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/spazzymoto/btcpayserver-docker.git
cd btcpayserver-docker
export BTCPAYGEN_CRYPTO1="part"

Note: This will use Particl Core RC1, if you wish to use the latest stable for mainnet just change the line in the docker-compose.generated.yml

image: spazzymoto/particl: -> image: spazzymoto/particl:

To run btcpay server (Still in btcpayserver-docker folder)

cd Generated/
export NBITCOIN_NETWORK="testnet"
export BTCPAY_PROTOCOL="http"
export BTCPAY_HOST="localhost"
docker-compose -f docker-compose.generated.yml up

go to localhost in your browser


My address is PdCtVx2XxSt3RvCKNHkZexPySgSDgmPRic


…aaand the bounty has been claimed, ladies and gentlemen!

TX: eea45b43e724737230700417c845c1e5621927be047aac6e4706acaa3b1b1dc1

Congratulations @spazzymoto and a huge thank you!

Hope you’ll be available for troubleshooting if anyone wants to give this a shot (no pressure :D)


Thanks for the bounty :). Always here if anyone needs a hand