Chainrift is one of the exchanges where you can trade PART. It was created not that long ago and they currently support only a handful of coins & trading pairs.

However, they have listed PART right from the start, which is quite amazing. Since launch, they did a couple of “cleaning up” waves, delisting inactive coins. PART still holds.

Many people in the community complain about lack of PART exchanges. What amazes me is that when some new exchange pops, community pretty much ignores it. This won’t happen with liquidity and general decentralization…

That’s why I suggest you to take some of you trading volume there.

Yes, there’s so few coins listed at the moment. But it’s still another option to trade PART. Let’s keep out place on Chairift and grow!

Some pros of Chainrift as I see it:

  • nice & clean UI (I’d argue one of the easiest for non-daytraders)
  • no KYC up to 2 BTC/day! all you need for sign-up & trading is your email address (same as with Binance)
  • allows users from US (probably not 100% of states though)
  • fees: 0% maker, 0.25% taker

So take a few of your coins, hop on PART @ Chairift and start trading :wink:

Btw, to incentivize you a bit, there are some really cheap PARTs available at the moment!