Bounty to get PART relisted on BISQ!



The Problem
Particl was listed on BISQ back in November 2017, but due to lack of trading volume was de-listed at some point in 2018.

With the upcoming main-net MP release I think it is a great time for us to get relisted! Unfortunately, since the time when we were originally listed, it seems that BISQ’s asset architecture has change quite a bit. Therefore, it isn’t as easy as someone re-submitting ryno’s original PR.

About BISQ
BISQ (formerly BitSquare) is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Most of their current volume is heavily concentrated in the BTC/XMR pair, but they have consistently had an overall weekly volume in the 200-300 BTC range since about last September.

Bounty Info

Bounty will go to whoever gets a PR merged for (re)listing PART on BISQ using the first time listing procedure

  • Bounty Value: 100 PART (as of Jun 21, 2019 – Check Address for current balance)
  • Bounty Address: PYmusQ2Nx8iGXP1WJR13Akf3GznFCnjyBD
    Address Controlled By: @Cryptoguard
  • Payout Condition: Follow the BISQ listing procedure and get a PR for listing Particl merged
  • More Info: Listing Procedure
  • Required Skillset: Knowledge of JAVA, Particl Codebase, and Github Etiquette (detailed knowledge of the BISQ codebase does not appear to be necessary to add an asset)

More Info

  • This will not be as easy as simply resubmitting the original PR used to get PART initially listed as the asset architecture appears to have change quite a bit since then.

  • Normally, assets on BISQ are delisted when they have a total volume of <.01 BTC over a rolling 120 day period.(soon to be .02 BTC). Normally, to relist, a donation of BSQ (their BISQ DAO token) is required in the amount of 1 BSQ per day for a minimum of 30 days. However, It appears that based on the comments in this GitHub issue, we were delisted such a long time ago that we would effectively be treated as a new asset and likely not need to make a donation

  • That said, if it becomes an issue and a BSQ donation is also required I am willing to cover that donation (amounts to ~$100 at current prices)

  • Anyone else interested in this effort please support this bounty by sending PART to the above address and supporting this thread!

  • In addition to this bounty, I am willing to help ensure we meet the minimum volume requirements going forward by posting offers to sell some of my PART staking rewards as consistently and with as much uptime as I can manage.

Edit – Revamped the thread to be inline with the formatting of other successful bounties.


We need decentralized options like Bisq. Sending 10 part now!


Bounty is up to 60 total PART!


Previous closed Pull Requests for adding Particl (PART) : for reference

  1. | Add Particl #1007
  2. | Remove ShadowCash and Add Particl #911
  3. | Delist untraded assets #1861
  4. | Delist untraded assets #1861 (Java filed of removed PART)
  5. | Delist untraded assets #1861 (bisq asset directory)
  6. | Delist untraded assets #1861 (PART test)


Another piece of this is a commitment from the PART community to regularly use Bisq for converting currencies. Bisq might want a type of commitment on top of re-adding a delisted coin. fwiw.


one more thought :slight_smile:

per the request for arbitration, PART uses view keys similar to Monero for 3rd-party audits. Be sure to include as a requirement :+1:


Well, the pull request was added, you can see it here :
Also we’ve got a response from their Slack channel:

So, after mid July I hope Particl can be traded on Bisq ! :tada::tada::tada: