Bounty for Website Listing projects Forked from SDC/PART


Thanks to Users.

Svojoe 50 coins
Michmish 10 coins
RobinHoodie 50 coins
nkvr62 50 coins
joe_Shabadoo 20 coins
playsomeskynard 50 coins
myself 50 coins

We have raised 280 Part For a website listing projects that have been forked/cloned from either Shadowcash/coin or Particl and/or use code fragments from Particl Project,
We are not looking to slander any projects or make any enemies But simply highlight The many projects Our Team has inspired.

Suggested By user Dros

some requirements for the delivery

  • html5
  • mobile first
  • responsive layout
  • GitHub hosted
  • eye candy welcome
  • no code errors
  • please provide evidence with academic accuracy and orderly work is required.


<playsomeskynard> I got another 50 on that idea.

280 part now


Thanks mate! Will update original post :grinning: