Binance listing



You would probably agree that we need to be listed on more exchanges. Everybody’s asking for Binance, so let’s see what can we do about this.

How to get on Binance?

Binance previously stated, that the listing fee won’t be necessary and that they’ll add coins with (source missing, my own words):

  • good tech… ✓
  • solid projects… ✓

Moreover, it will help if the projects would maintain good overview of the project on their “Info platform”.
Our Particl’s page is filled with pretty much everything (except for all the team members), so that’s a start.

  • info page ready ✓

Rating agencies

What came to my mind was contacting some of the “Rating agencies”, that review coins on Binance Info.

We have just 1 rating so far by Coin Bureau, which unfortunately contains false info. They were already contacted some time ago and mentioned that they’re working on fixing it.

In the meantime, we could contact other Agencies there and ask them to review us. We can provide them with a lot of content if needed to help them kickstart the research.

To contact these Agencies, you can just pick any other coin and find them out through the reviews. Or you could just manually change the number at the end of Agency’s profile URL – like so:

This might help us get noticed a bit more. Maybe not exactly by users, but by Binance themselves.
It’s a long shot, but worth the try IMO.


Agreed, CoinBureau is making an “extended” review on Particl. They’re the one that did the current review on the website which contains mistaken information. They have been super cooperative and are doing a new review at this very moment :slight_smile: We should definitely contact other rating agencies too, let me put that in my to-do :wink: