[Abandoned] Advertisement initiative on Facebook



The community member and Telegram user Thyphoon made a request to donate to his Facebook Advertisement Initiative on Twitter.

I manage https://m.facebook.com/CryptocurrencyCollectorsClub/ … I would do aggressive advertisement will share results with every advertisement campaign end. 10- 20 part a good amount to start the first campaign. I am only a community member that has a small Part bag. I am not affiliated with Particl team whatsoever. It’s my own private initiative. As I see the huge undiscovered potential that should be tested for the wellbeing of Particl Privacy Platform community that fights for human rights.

If you want to support his campaign please donate to this address
[Abandoned] Do not send funds


It may be a good idea to have this campaign transparent in here and the community makes a united effort to make this as successful as possible.


Thank you Dros for the post on this nice Forum.

I will try to spend anything I will get as smart as possible.

Will keep you updated here if it is worth the effort or not.

I don’t have much follower in twitter. But I am trying my best. All my free time is spent there typing sensical and non sensical tweets trying out texts.

I feel that Particl is really undervalued. And that I do Gods work if atleast one person buys 1 Part influenced by me as he will be really happy.

Why leave all cheap PART to Bitcoin whales as they are already super rich.

Let’s stop this extortion of dumping and accumulation by helping new people to know about Particl and it’s true potential in sea of terrible mess.


To make it worth something it may be a good start, to show what you have got, what you plan, what your campaigns look like, and so on. That way you will most likely get traction within the community with your initiative. Not the other way round.


Facebook still ban any kind of advertisement with cryptocurrency. You can apply to them directly for permission. Maybe I will try but current situation is that Facebook is worthless for marketing cryptocurrency products. Ofcourse I will try to find a way to be able to advertise. Will give you to know.


Please, don’t send me anything. Currently I don’t need anything. Will send it back to anyone who sent me 1part.


Ok. Then we can close this.