[100+50 PART] Electrum wallet for Particl



Bounty for implementing PART-compatible version of Electrum wallet

About Electrum

Electrum is an open-source light Bitcoin wallet with some interesting advanced features, which are the main reason behind this bounty:

1. Multi-signature wallets :key:

Electrum supports multi-sig wallets, which greatly increases security of your funds. We already have a Copay mobile/desktop wallet with multi-sig support, but it lacks one big feature, compared to Electrum:

2. Hardware wallet support :lock:

…Electrum also plays nicely with HW wallets, namely Trezor One/T & Ledger Nano S/X (and more).

Combining these two features along with cold staking support, with Electrum for Particl, we could once again raise a bar for crypto security. Imagine having 2 or more hardware wallets, all used in one multi-sig wallet with coins, passively cold staking via our own node or a staking pool.

If this bounty would be claimed, bear in mind that we will need to run a network of PART Electrum servers, so we’ll definitely need volunteers to do so.

Bounty info

Both bounties are managed by @allien.
Bounty values as of July 18, 2019 – check addresses below for exact values.

1. Electrum wallet + server

100 PART to whoever forks Electrum and its server implementation for Particl.

  • Bounty address: PYjgASNUJtbYkQ9hDoGzoG7W5gVdVwt6mq
  • Payout condition:
    • Supply Electrum wallet for Particl (open source in public repo)
    • Supply Electrum server for Particl (open source in public repo)
  • Privacy: public TXs support mandatory, since use case here is secure “savings account” with HW multi-sig support

2. First public Electrum server

50 PART for running first PART Electrum server on mainnet (for at least a year)

  • Bounty address: Pbp6m9U714RFGk8FJ5KHqsM3b2qPFM2bLJ
  • Payout condition:
    • Offer a first running server for public (for at least a year)
    • Write a guide on how to run the server for others (will be placed on Wiki)

Does the idea of having multi-sig hardware wallets with cold-staking enabled sounds good to you? Throw in a few PARTs to any of the bounty addresses to incentivize the developers! The whole community will benefit from this.

Questions/suggestions? Comment below!